Busy Days & Days of Gratitude

There are days that are just plain busy, and there are those days that are busy and which also provide the time to reflect and be grateful.  Today has been one of those latter days.

I’m really thrilled to be able to say I am now represented on the island of Maui at the beautiful Hana Coast Gallery!  This is a spectacular gallery in an amazingly beautiful location with many inspiring and incredible artists included in their collection.  The Hana Coast is a gorgeous stretch of the island of Maui, one that easily takes an entire day to drive and enjoy.  Better yet would be to spend a few days at the Travaasa Resort in Hana, relax and let island time sooth away your worldly worries. 

Island time at Hana Coast Gallery

The Hana Coast Gallery is adjacent to Travaasa. The Managing Director of the gallery is the knowledgeable Alesiamae Chow, who exudes a calming charm. The artwork encompasses a wide range of genres, from traditional acrylics and oils to the sculptural, as well as jewelry and the even more exotic.

Two small original fish paintings and a giclée sit among other treasures to be found at Hana Coast Gallery

Today, I also found out I received an “Award of Merit” in the “Art That Lifts Our Spirit” Exhibition organized by the Healing Power of Art and Manhattan Arts International. Yet another opportunity to take time to reflect and be grateful. Not only for this recognition, but to reflect on the power of art to transform and heal lives. There may be no greater honor than to be included in an exhibit with a focus such as this one. When I think back over the course of my own artistic evolution, it certainly involves the embracing of my own art as an intricate, layered and inseparable part of my life and acknowledging the role it plays in the healing of my own life traumas. So a big thank you to Renee Phillips, the Founder and Director of Manhattan Arts.

Ti Plant

30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas

As I sit and think about these two events, seemingly separate yet completely interconnected, I am also reminded in a big way that there are innumerable opportunities every day to reflect and be grateful. Sometimes maybe that moment is found simply in between each breath we take and the recognizing of the miracle that is our life and this planet. It can be easy to get sidetracked in the ongoing stresses and activities of life and forget this. At least I know that is true for me.

In Gratitude – Craig Allen Lawver