I am process driven, life in minutiae, interconnected with all around me.  My work speaks of the smallest of details in the perception of this enormity, in this vast and all-encompassing web of conspiracy.

On canvas, my paintings often begin as detailed drawings in pencil inspired by science, the natural world, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, the life I experience.  They are the summation of personal crises in the form of HIV, depression, auditory hallucinations, devastation in the wake of death and loss of family and friends, in the internalization of an external world that often seems wrong, tragic, on a destructive trajectory.  You, perhaps, have some similar challenges or feelings of your own and can relate to what it is I’m expressing.

My paintings are also the result of endurance and transformation.  The work I do is the result of the decision to get up every day despite the horrific and search for the brightness, the joy and beauty that coexists in the continuum of this arc of existence; to find inspiration in life, and in those others who persevere, however imperfect my reach to do so may be.

Pointillism and dots have become my primary method of engaging in this process and dialogue.  A mirroring in technique of the connection I, that we all, share with each other and the surrounding world and cosmos at our most basic levels of chemical composition and subatomic particles.