I am fascinated by the biological aspects of DNA, and as I think about these replicating strands my thoughts naturally coalesce conceptually and manifest artistically. Each of the paintings I call ‘Clones and Replicants’ contain a figurative fragment of the first and the originals of their kind, constituting a symbolic theoretical library of the genomes of those early paintings and each subsequent painting becomes a template in the emergence of the next generation. Formed by hand, a product of no machine, printings press or laboratory subtle differences arise and are evident as their numbers increase. I ally the process to a form of genetic drift, where changes ensue as adaptations occur in my handling of materials, methods, techniques and surrounding environment take place. Through an ever replicating number, their presence and effect are amplified; the one become the many, many become the multitude, and an entirely different animal can ascend.

Through mass production, communication and mobility, an overwhelmingly vast catalogue of replicable images have become available for my, or anyone else’s consumption. Bombarded and immersed in this dynamic cultural field of seemingly limitless sensory input a rush and urgency to try, see, absorb and create everything arises in tsunami fashion. These ‘Clones and Replicants’ are the beginnings of my narrowing of that oceanic field by some necessity and are a result of an increased focus on what I want to gain from my art, what I want to say through my work, and where I want to take it.

Evidently expressed I feel, in these ‘Clones and Replicants’ is my love of color; they are the seeds of an ongoing artistic process and abstract vision. At the time I first began to envision installations arranged and composed with multiple canvases of different colors, shapes, size and subject, the search began in my studio for a baseline. As artist became mad scientist, experimentation ensued and I eventually arrived at the colorful canvases in this group; textured and layered in series of glaze upon glaze with overlaying dots.

As the process unfolded and the paintings grew in number, as they lay finished and drying they resonated deeply, struck an artistic musical chord in me, an internal response of the soul, and I started to spend hours arranging and rearranging them to see how they and I interacted. Their colors sang out to me in singular unifications and in mixed rainbow cornucopias.

There existed from the beginning the intent to create individual paintings of various design on top of these glazed ‘Replicants’ and then partner them all together, but the paintings have also continued to provide me with a unique pleasure all their own. Still, they were, and are the groundwork and a pathway to something bigger and more complex like cells of a living body. These canvases are a way for me to harmonize multiple paintings, sometimes very different, with each other due in a large part to the base colors of the underlying ‘Clones’. Locked away within each is a seed and an ongoing driver to build and continually expand on an idea I believe to be bound only by the restrictions of time and available space, but never by imagination.