Artist’s Statement

Creating art is a purpose driven practice. It is unavoidably necessary to reach for that which is beyond immediate reward and instant gratification.  Particularly when working in a style such as pointillism.  The long hours and degree of intense passionate focus is unlike anything else I do in my life. 

Like mindfulness and meditation, it is for me a spiritual practice of sorts.  The very act of placing point after point, dot after dot of pigment on a surface is healing and life-affirming.  The subjects and compositions I’m drawn towards add an additional layer.  Inspired by the natural world and the sciences, I feel connected to something bigger, wider and far grander than I, working alone in my studio. 

It is, I often think, very much like being engaged in a dialogue happening both internally and with the external environment:  A conversation between the painting and myself that involves issues revolving around the idea that I need to remain in control of the process and simply let go and find flow.  At its simplest it is a balancing act, doing both of these seemingly opposing things at once and finding equanimity in that endeavor.